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Assault Domestic Violence

A Conviction Can Affect You For Years

A Cascade Of Negative Consequences

Domestic violence charges are more serious than most people think. It is important to remember that even simple assault is a violent crime. Having a record with a violent crime conviction can make it difficult to get certain jobs, find housing, receive financial aid, get into college and retain custody of your children, in some cases.

What You Can Do

Take your case as seriously as the court does, and speak with a domestic violence defense Attorney today. At Starbranch Law in Portsmouth, we understand the consequences of violent crime charges. Our Attorney has worked on hundreds of these cases — as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. He knows how the state pursues assault and domestic violence cases, and he uses that knowledge to build a strong defense.

If you are facing domestic violence charges in New Hampshire, you must be aware of the unique circumstances of these cases. Law enforcement takes domestic violence cases seriously. For example:

  • Even if your accuser does not want to pursue the case, the state can decide to move forward with it anyway.
  • A conviction will likely mean that you lose your right to possess firearms.

What You Need To Know About Protective Orders

When a protective order is in place:

  • You may be ordered to leave the house you share with the accuser.
  • If you have children with this person, you may be required to pay child support for the duration of the protective order.
  • You may be banned from seeing your children, and you will not be allowed near the accuser’s home, work or school.

Violating a protective order is also a serious matter. A first offense is a Class A misdemeanor. If you violate the order again, you may be charged with a felony. These charges are in addition to the domestic violence charges you face.

Learn Your Rights — Speak With An Attorney Today

If you are facing assault, domestic violence and/or protective order violation charges, call our Portsmouth office at 603-436-5566 to schedule an appointment. You may also email us.

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