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Sex Offenses

Sex Offense Charges Require A Strong Defense

Few things can damage your reputation, career and relationship with your family faster than sex crime allegations. You don’t have to be charged or convicted for this damage to occur; just being arrested is enough.

Protect yourself by working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer from the start. Attorney Harry Starbranch is a former prosecutor with over 30 years of criminal law experience. He is a tough trial lawyer who aggressively protects clients’ rights. You can rely on his extensive knowledge as well as his good working relationships with others in the New Hampshire legal community.

Why You Need A Trial Attorney

Penalties for sex crimes are especially harsh. In addition to a jail or prison sentence, you may face a lengthy probation period. You may also have to register as a sex offender nationally and on the New Hampshire Sex Offender/Offender Against Children Registry. Sex offender registration has strict laws and will affect your ability to find housing and employment.

We represent people in Rockingham County charged with all types of sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual contact
  • Misdemeanor sexual assault
  • Aggravated felonious sexual assault
  • Sexual assault of a minor
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Sexual assault by a person in a position of authority

Many sex crime cases go to trial, so it is important to have an experienced trial lawyer represent you. Attorney Starbranch is well-known for his willingness and ability to try cases. He prepares each case thoroughly from the beginning and will go to trial when that is in your best interests.

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