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The Threat Of Harm

You Needn’t Hit Someone To Be Charged With Assault

The threat alone of bodily harm constitutes assault; physical contact need not even happen. Not every threat of harm rises to the level of assault, however. To be charged with assault, you must have taken an action that was intended to frighten someone with the prospect of physical harm. Additionally, the person to whom the action was directed must have been frightened by the perceived threat. Finally, an assault cannot be just a verbal threat, but must be followed up with an action that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear for their safety.

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The Consequences Of Assault Charges

Under New Hampshire law, simple assault is a misdemeanor offense. More serious offenses accrue if you actually harm another person, particularly if you threaten harm with a deadly weapon. Other things that would make your charges more serious include:

  • Extensive victim injuries
  • Assault on a public servant like a police officer or a teacher

The penalties for an assault conviction can range from fines and probation to prison time. Regardless of what happened in your case, it’s important to have the protection of an experienced assault lawyer on your side.

There may be a good reason for what happened. Whether you were defending yourself, defending another person, protecting property or engaging in what you had thought was a consensual act, we will evaluate your situation and
determine the most appropriate defense for your situation.

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