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Amy McGee and the Starbranch team were such a pleasure to work with throughout my process. She made things easy to understand and took care of everything. She kept me updated and responded promptly to any questions I had. Amy and the Starbranch team were very generous and helpful, so grateful to have had the opportunity to use their services. C

Harry Starbranch and Amy McGee were amazing to work with. They made us feel welcome at our initial meeting, and were very reassuring throughout the process, which eased our worries. They were great about communicating with us and responding to our calls and emails. We got a great result from our case, and are extremely happy with the entire process. I highly recommend Starbranch Law! M


Attorney Starbranch and Amy made such a stressful situation far less stressful with their kindness, knowledge, and professionalism. They communicated efficiently and quickly with me every step of the way whilst reassuring me through my moments of panic. Ultimately, my case was dismissed thanks to their help! Reaching out to Amy and Attorney Starbranch was the best decision I could’ve made! I’m so grateful for their support and help! B


Amy and Harry are fantastic! They were both diligent, perceptive and caring in a time where I had no surety. Communication and reassurance is key at the Starbranch firm, and would recommend Harry for anyone not sure about the next step. Let the professionals do their job and trust in their guidance. Thank you very much to Amy and Harry. N


I want to extend my courtesy to Amy McGee and Attorney Starbranch again throughout this long process. You both have helped me out more than you could ever know, and I am truly grateful for that. M

Starbranch Law Firm is excellent. Harry Starbranch and Amy McGee always go above and beyond. They find the best answers and solutions for your case. They won’t quit until the case is resolved in a fare manner. They treat their clients with respect and listen to what they have to say. Mr. Starbranch and Ms. McGee have been amazing to me and others I know that have been represented by the Starbranch law firm recommended people and will continue to do so. Your firm has helped me turn my life around and start a new beginning. Thank you for your help. R
This team is more than I ever guessed. They are a family. I reached out to them for help and they were with me every step of the way I never felt like a client but more like family. I shared tears and sorrow with them and they always helped me see the best side of things. They are forever a member of my family and I will always be grateful for them coming into my life. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are honest and upfront,very trustworthy. – PS
As I adjust to my new reality and being able to breathe, live and move on I am struggling to find the words. What Harry and Amy have done for me cannot be done justice with words. Starbranch Law though Harry’s methodical, thorough and respectful knowledge and presentation of law certainly brought justice to me. With equal knowledge and respect came personal support; a belief as well as a unwavering reassurance that it was all going to be ok. Harry never balked and Amy (paralegal extraordinaire) was always there. In the darkest of days Amy was the rock and Harry just kept being Harry. Failure was not a option. As family gathered to support me Harry and Amy adopted them and their concerns. They took time to answer questions and consider the opinions and observations of each and every one of us. All of this while still keeping everyone focused on the end goal. After six days in July it was NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS! I will be eternally grateful for their efforts and their friendship. Out of every tragedy there is potential opportunity if we choose to see it and take advantage of it. Thanks to Starbranch Law I have been shown mine. -M
Harry and Amy exceeded my expectations! They were professional and personable. They helped me through this really difficult time. Thank you!!!! -T
My family recommended Harry Starbranch as an attorney, and I would recommend Mr. Starbranch and his legal team to anyone. The moment I walked in the door all my worries faded away. Mr. Starbranch is experienced, professional, and gets the job done. If I ever need an attorney or my family or friends need legal advice, without a doubt I’m calling Harry Starbranch and Amy. I can’t say enough positive things honestly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -SS

Harry and Amy are both considered by me to be pretty amazing at the job that they do for their clients! I never stepped outside of the law previously and one unfortunate event that was handled poorly by xxxx law enforcement put that record at risk. Thankfully, Harry and Amy came to the rescue to keep my perfect record in tact. Thx again. -J

After a dismal experience with a previous lawyer, we sought out a new attorney. From the first phone conversation with Amy McGee (legal assistant), to the moment we met Attorney Harry Starbranch, we knew they were the professionals we were seeking. Harry and Amy took the time to listen to our situation, believed in us, and we immediately felt they would work in our best interest.

Harry and Amy would respond quickly to our questions and concerns. We knew Harry had other clients, but he would take the time to respond by email, even at 10 pm, so we would not be left in the dark. Harry and Amy helped us to understand the possibilities of any decision we had to make. They went out of their way to accommodate our schedules even meeting with us beyond their normal closing time.

Harry’s knowledge and expertise in the field of law is outstanding. His court room experience and professionalism gave us confidence in how the hearing would be, and was, conducted.

Harry and Amy were like family to us during the most difficult time in our lives. We would give Starbranch Law Office our highest recommendation.

R & D

Great day in court! Thank you so much, really this has been the best experience with a law firm and I am so grateful. You are all wonderful-S

Harry is an extremely thoughtful and hard working lawyer who sincerely invests in his clients. He truly does specialize in the work that he does and was able to substantially reduce my charges and win my case! His assistant Amy is amazing as well and always communicates so quickly. She never fails to help you remain positive and organized! Very happy with my experience with them and would recommend Harry in a heartbeat to anyone whose gotten themselves in a tough place. -Alison

My name is Nicole and this law firm is the most down to earth and serious about taking care of their clients. Amy is the best and she makes you feel comfortable and she is very professional and the sweetest,smartest and hard working assistant that I have ever come across Harry is a real unbelievable lawyer that fights for his client and is determined to get the justice his client deserves This is such a wonderful law firm and they really know how to make their client feel confident and stress free. Harry is knowledgeable in many different aspects. I will definitely recommend Starbranch Law Firm to everyone that may need a lawyer.

Harry is an amazing attorney who is thoughtful, knowledgeable and dedicated. I can’t say enough about his assistant Amy. She radiates positive energy and is also exceptionally knowledgeable. You couldn’t ask for a better team to support you! – Sarah

Para todos los hispanos que tengan cualquier tipo de problema aquí encontrarán la solución en este maravilloso equipo de trabajo por espera encía propia i vivida ellos libraron a mi hermano que no perdiera su licencia y sin nada de cargo que Jesucristo los Bendiga siempre ellos siempre te harán justicia son lo mejor que he visto en todo los Estados Unidos y le garantizo que aunque paguen por sus servicios se sentirán que fue poco lo que le dieron porque los resultados son mucho más que lo que esperamos gracia más Harry gracias Amy gracias a su gran traductor y gracias por todo su equipo de trabajo siempre estarán presentes en mi vida jamás los olvidaré y si algún día necesito su servicio no lo pensaré medio segundo para ir porque se a donde ir gracias muchas y millones de gracias- A

Hello, A few years back I had what could of been a very serious incident occur to my now wife and I.

I had some local business friend that recommended a very reputable local attorney. I hire this attorney with the belief that he was the best in the business. As the court date came upon us he wasn’t much help. We went to court two times and both times he was unprepared and didn’t seam to really care about me at all.

It was at the 2nd court hearing that I had the privilege of seeing Harry Starbranch in action, and when I say action I mean action. It was simply amazing to watch Harry perform in-front of a live courtroom. After all In the case I witnessed a mans license and lively hood was on the line. When harry was done that day the man was ruled innocent.  It was at that moment I looked at my then girlfriend and said, I’m Hiring Harry Starbranch when we leave here!

I called Harry the next day and told him what I witnessed happen when he took the courtroom floor and asked him if he would please take my case. Harry took my case, He met with me, He listened to us and said you’re not guilty and we will win this case. We went to court and Harry did just that, We WON!!

When we left the court room that days my girlfriend and I both had tears in our eyes and gave Harry a big hug.

Anytime I hear of someone getting in a bind I tell them to call Harry.

Harry is the best in the business! – W

As a client I can tell you that Harry is fantastic, he did an amazing job. If you are in need of a lawyer he should be the first one you call. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and skilled at practicing law but he has a great personality as well. He’s very down-to-earth and does a great job at explaining the dynamics of your case. His clients are his priority as well getting the absolute best resolution possible for them. I can with all confidence say he is one of the top lawyers in the area and would be my first recommendation to anyone looking for a great lawyer.- James

Hello reviewers my name is Mario. Last year I received a speeding ticket out of state, not knowing what to do I began calling lawyers in N.H. I was told by another firm that Mr. Starbranch was whom I was seeking. I was told that he specializes in this type of case as well as others. After speaking to Amy who was unbelievably kind and compassionate , I decided this was the firm for me. Harry stayed on top of this case and had it reduced to a non moving violation. So to sum it up I would recommend Harry to fight for me in court any day. I just want everyone to know how wonderful Amy was in all of her professionalism even when the client could be a bit of a handful. Thank you Harry and Amy for everything. – Mario

Harry Starbranch is at the top of his game, knowledgeable, always learning, quick to find justice and is one of us. He has a way of letting you know that he is the best at what he does in a way that makes you feel comfortable knowing that the work will be done. His assistant Amy McGee makes you feel understood from the start. Soft spoken and knowledgeable as well, she is with you at each step to get the job done. I would recommend this team to family and friends. Thank You Harry and Amy Job Well Done! – Wendy

Best there is. Bar none. – Myles

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