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  • State v. Musumarra, 219-2014-CR-273
    Date: Jan 09, 2017
    Not Guilty (all charges)
    The Defendant was acquitted after a full jury trial to verdict. He was charged with Second degree assault, (class B felony) and also acquitted of Simple Assault, (Class A Misdemeanor).
  • State v. Brokenbrough
    Date: May 16, 2016
    Not guilty
    The was an Assault case in the Rockingham County Superior Court. The case went to a jury trial and the defendant was found not guilty.
  • State v. Horton, 218-2015-CR-00548
    Date: Jan 11, 2016
    Outcome: Not guilty
    State v. Horton was an attempted murder case in the Rockingham County Superior Court. The Defendant was charged with Attempted Murder, and two felony assaults. After a full jury trial, the Defendant was found not guilty of the attempted murder and all felony’s.
  • State v. Washburn, 219-2014-CR-00423
    Date: Sep 11, 2015
    Outcome: pending
    My Client was charged with conspiracy to sell narcotics in the Strafford County Superior Court. I filed a motion to suppress evidence based upon an illegal interrogation. The motion was litigated in the Superior Court. The Court granted my motion, but then allowed a subsequent search. I filed a motion to reconsider the search issue which is still pending.
  • State v. Allen, 219-2014-CR-00485
    Date: Jun 04, 2015
    The Court found in favor of my client. the State was forced to dismiss the case having lost their evidence.
    My client was charged with possession of a Narcotic, (felony). I filed a motion to suppress in the Strafford County Superior Court. The case was litigated in a hearing on my motion to suppress. The Superior Court granted the motion.
  • State v. Pratte, 158 NH 45 (2008)
    Date: Nov 06, 2008
    The Court ruled in my client’s favor that a bow and arrow were not per se deadly weapons.
  • Description:
    This was an appeal I handled to the NH Supreme Court. The issue was whether a bow and arrow was a per se deadly weapon and, therefore, was it impermissible as a matter of law for a felon to possess.
  • State v. Gould, 144 NH 415 (1999)
    Practice Area: Criminal defense
    Date: Dec 08, 1999
    The NH Supreme Court reversed my client’s conviction and he was released from prison the same day.
    This was a double jeopardy case that I briefed and argued to the NH Supreme Court. I was not trial counsel. My client was convicted and was incarcerated in the NH State Prison for men at the time of the appeal. The NH Supreme Court reversed the conviction.
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